EURUSD succeeded in rising Overview for 11.08.2022


EURUSD took advantage of the reasons for growth and may yet continue to improve. 

The major currency pair remains in good spirits on Thursday. The current quote for the instrument is 1.0225.

Yesterday, the US released important and long-awaited data on inflation. Although when making monetary decisions the US Fed pays more attention to the other indicators, such as the PCE Price Index, the CPI and Core CPI remain very important for situational awareness and understanding the regulator’s sentiment. 

So, the CPI dropped to 8.5% y/y in July after being 9.1% y/y the month before, thus failing to update its 40-year highs. On MoM, inflation didn’t change after gaining 1.3% in June.

The Core CPI added 0.3% m/m after gaining 0.5% m/m the month before.

It’s interesting that after the CPI report was released, inflation expectations in the US based on the breakeven rate dropped to 2-month lows.

The regulator’s policymakers also said that it was too early to triumph over inflation. That’s right: it was the first and maybe the only signal so far that showed some slowdown. It’s not the time to make conclusions. 

Nevertheless, the “greenback” found itself under pressure from expectations that the Fed might not continue being aggressive during its September meeting and that the next rate hikes might be rather small. 


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