Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 12.01.2018 (BITCOIN, ETHEREUM)


BTC USD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”

As we can see at the H4 chart, the BTC/USD pair is still being corrected. The current descending impulse is heading towards the retracement of 61.8% at 10889.00. The next downside target is the retracement of 76.0% at 8925.00.


At the H1 chart, we can see the convergence being formed; the pair is steadily moving downwards. The target is at 10889.00. After reaching this level, the instrument may start another correction towards the retracements of 50.0%, 61.8%, and 76.0% at 14079.50, 14819.70, and 15708.10 respectively.



ETH USD, “Ethereum vs. US Dollar”

At the H4 chart, the ETH/USD pair is being corrected to the downside and has already reached the retracement of 38.2%. The next correctional targets are the retracements of 50.0% and 61.8% at 1008.00 and 922.00 respectively. If the price breaks the high at 1380.80, it may reach the retracement of 261.8% at 1458.76.


At the H1 chart, the situation is similar and confirms the scenario described above.



RoboForex Analytical Department



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